I know I am procrastinating when I am delving into psychology techniques. You should admit that shrinks have a lot of funny stuff to play with: tests, theories, archetypes and cool words like doppelgänger and angst. Oh, I almost forgot, bye bye 2011!


Favourite sing-along Christmas songs

Yes, friends, Xmas is here again and I love it. Just kidding. It’s weird the way people act around you: their fake bright smiles, they false friendliness… bah, humbug! By the way, don’t forget to listen to my favourite carol From Enslavement to Obliteration by Napalm Death. Keep the lyrics in mind in your next shopping spree.


People say…

We’ll always have Paris, they say. What the heck happens with Paris? as everywhere else, Paris is great when you're not there. But I wish I were.


When life draws to a close

These last few months have been nothing but extremely hard for me, or better said: for us. So I am not in the mood for blogging… but the me from the past made a promise to the me of the future: – you must write at least one post per month. Even you don’t want to. So here we go:

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man.

Well, I am a liar, I didn't write it, it was actually Antoine de Saint-Exupéry but I couldn’t say better. Anyway.

P.S.: Your teachings will guide me for the rest of my life, my friend.


Treinta y tantos

Supongo que todos os habéis tropezado alguna vez con este tipo de gente. Generalmente son individuos muy seguros de sí mismos que están a la última en diseño, arquitectura, moda y haute cuisine. Cagan sentencias como Radamanto en el Hades y tú, insignificante mortal, las escuchas sin rechistar. Pero hacerte mayor te demuestra que el tiempo pone a cada uno en su sitio. Si eres uno de ellos, que te quede claro, que leas mucho sobre cocina no te convierte en René Redzepi.


Days Past, Part IV

In 2004, I made 10 prints of this on watercolour paper… not enough money to afford more. Here you can see the original artwork, still with me after all these years.


Days Past, Part III

It’s been 11 years since I drew this. I was sitting in front of the Guggenheim Bilbao with my sketchbook and a brand new pen.


Days Past, Part II

I used to love type, and I still do.


Days Past, Part I

I am going to dig some of my old stuff out and post it. This cycle is drawing to a close and it’s time to move forward.


Tented love

Summer’s almost gone, yeah, it's almost gone, we had some good times but they’re gone. I really needed these days off to get away from the daily grind and now I am back. Stay tuned!


Sweet freedom

July was pretty intense to say the least but now I am on holiday. I know that some of you want more drawings but hey, I still haven't found the box of pencils in this mess. Anyway, see you in fifteen days!
And don’t forget to listen to Sweet Freedom by Uriah Heep.


Bye bye, dirty Old Town

No more pubs, no more noisy crowds, no more parking problems, no more drunk assholes…


We are moving Pt. III

These are our new neighbours. They look calm, don't they?


We are moving Pt. II

I found a box full of birch bark curls, twigs, aspen & oak leaves, pine needles, bits of dead wood, eucalyptus buds, more twigs and dead wood, lichens and moss… I swear you I am a man. But I'm starting to wonder if maybe in a past life I might have been a nesting bird.


We are moving Pt. I

Yes, we are moving… so we are finding a lot of old (and not-so-old) photographs.


Went MAD at OFFF (pun intended)

Madrid city center is plenty of sofisticated, trendy people. Barcelona is even worse: where are the ugly people in Ciutat Vella? Even the ugliest guys and girls seem to be cute here. Joking aside, I had a great time in both cities, my only real regret was not attending to Stefan Sagmeister’s lecture at Offf… why? I was a bit upset and wanted to take a break: the organization sucked.

The result:
MAD 1 – 0  OFFF


Going offf

And today, 21 years later, I’m going back to Barcelona after a great MAD weekend. Sorry, no doodle this time. Stay tuned!


Going mad

I’ll be in Madrid until next Sunday learning from the masters. ¡Hasta el lunes!


Quite unfinished

Unfinished work, according to the dictionary, is creative work that has not been finished. So, when an unfinished work is better than the final piece, you obviously haven’t worked there long enough.


Amici, diem perdidi

Dear friends, I’ve lost the day.


Beery well, thank you

Beer: ale, weißbier, oud bruin, pale ale, lager, weizenbock, pils, hefe, abdijbier, brown ale, ambrée, lambic, stout, juleøl… so many beers, so little time.

Beery well, thank you

Beer: ale, weißbier, oud bruin, pale ale, lager, weizenbock, pils, hefe, abdijbier, brown ale, ambrée, lambic, stout, juleøl… so many beers, so little time.


La moutarde de Dijon est très bon

It sucks to run out of mustard. Maille mustard, I want to say. So I would be very pleased to receive a new 12-pack of Moutarde à l'Ancienne. Late birthday present anyone?


Log in

My father used to have Knut Hamsun’s Pan on his bookshelf. The book cover depicted a hunter, his dog and a log cabin. As a child, this was my favorite book: don’t get me wrong, I didn’t read it until I was 15, but I was completely obsessed with the cover painting; specially with the main character. I spent so much time imagining his everyday life, his hut, his unfriendly mood towards people that I developed a strong link with Glahn. Yesterday, when I grabbed the book from my  shelf, the story came back to me like the muffin of Proust. In other words, uninteresting story for everyone but me… got it, Marcel?


68°58′N 33°05′E

I wonder how the spring is in Murmansk, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle [30 seconds later] 2º C, rain and drizzle and considerable cloudiness with a coating of an inch of snow. Is it me or has the Internet killed the charm of remote places?


Genius loci

For ancient Romans, genius loci was the protective spirit of a place. Later in the 18th century, Alexander Pope gave the current meaning, i.e. the adaptation of architecture to its natural surroundings:

        “In all, let Nature never be forgot […] Consult the genius of the place in all.”

And building concrete cubes in the deep of the forest is silly. If you don’t believe me, please go and ask to your Genius… he would tell you almost the same thing. Unless he was trained at the Bauhaus.

Some books you might want to read if you decide to go deeper into the subject:
  • Norberg-Schulz, Christian. Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture. New York: Rizzoli, 1979
  • Baker, Geoffrey H. Design Strategies in Architecture: An Approach to the Analysis of Form. Van Nostrand Reinhold (International), 1989
  • Charles Moore, Gerald Allen & Donlyn Lyndon. The Place of Houses. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001


    A few days off

    Above, one of the things I did on my Easter holidays. I spent almost seven days wandering from place to place and neither pencils nor sketchbooks were involved during that time… there’s all this pressure when you are drawing au plein air and people become curious about your doodles. They call it stage fright.


    You can’t get too much winter in the spring

    I would offer my kingdom for a quiet afternoon. I am tired of the town. And the crowds. It is time to go back home again.


    More low-budget travels

    I never went to Paris. Shame on me.


    Low-budget travels

    Many people go motorcycling around the World without a penny in their pockets. And I wonder how much money is really without a penny. Because you can’t even buy a bus ticket without a pot to piss in. Anyway, my only way to travel these days is reading borrowed travel books. And yesterday I went to Tirana. For free. 


    There's no harm in trying

    In the past, I did some wood carving, but linoleum is definitely easier and faster to cut. Last week, I got some linoleum sheets and I couldn’t resist! Five minutes later I was spreading a thick layer of gesso over the panels; neither sand paper nor délicatesse as I wanted the surface quite coarse to add texture… and because it is easier to draw over a white background. I was so excited that I forgot to take a shot at this stage.
    I always choose the Royal Talens (Van Gogh series) Burnt Sienna acrylic to paint fast sketches. Since I was a child, I always felt a strange attraction to earth tones, don’t ask why.

    All right now! At this point, you should already know who are they. Don’t pay attention to the types above, they are not a clue. It’s just I have a horror vacui syndrome.

    Then I made a fast proof with the aforementioned colour and discovered a new and exciting path to explore, which, of course, I won’t show you yet.

    And thus, the first sketch is done. See you next week!