There's no harm in trying

In the past, I did some wood carving, but linoleum is definitely easier and faster to cut. Last week, I got some linoleum sheets and I couldn’t resist! Five minutes later I was spreading a thick layer of gesso over the panels; neither sand paper nor délicatesse as I wanted the surface quite coarse to add texture… and because it is easier to draw over a white background. I was so excited that I forgot to take a shot at this stage.
I always choose the Royal Talens (Van Gogh series) Burnt Sienna acrylic to paint fast sketches. Since I was a child, I always felt a strange attraction to earth tones, don’t ask why.

All right now! At this point, you should already know who are they. Don’t pay attention to the types above, they are not a clue. It’s just I have a horror vacui syndrome.

Then I made a fast proof with the aforementioned colour and discovered a new and exciting path to explore, which, of course, I won’t show you yet.

And thus, the first sketch is done. See you next week!


  1. quiero ver el resultado!!
    ya soy fan de MEN & GODS!
    qué bien haberte visto el viernes...

  2. "...cuando pierdas mucho tiempo trabajando en algo y el resultado final no sea el esperado"
    Ah! lo que me pasa siempre!
    En cambio yo siempre espero mucho de tí! Y así nos va XD

  3. sabbath, sabbath, sabbath. Para mi ya se ve terminado.