We are moving Pt. II

I found a box full of birch bark curls, twigs, aspen & oak leaves, pine needles, bits of dead wood, eucalyptus buds, more twigs and dead wood, lichens and moss… I swear you I am a man. But I'm starting to wonder if maybe in a past life I might have been a nesting bird.


We are moving Pt. I

Yes, we are moving… so we are finding a lot of old (and not-so-old) photographs.


Went MAD at OFFF (pun intended)

Madrid city center is plenty of sofisticated, trendy people. Barcelona is even worse: where are the ugly people in Ciutat Vella? Even the ugliest guys and girls seem to be cute here. Joking aside, I had a great time in both cities, my only real regret was not attending to Stefan Sagmeister’s lecture at Offf… why? I was a bit upset and wanted to take a break: the organization sucked.

The result:
MAD 1 – 0  OFFF


Going offf

And today, 21 years later, I’m going back to Barcelona after a great MAD weekend. Sorry, no doodle this time. Stay tuned!


Going mad

I’ll be in Madrid until next Sunday learning from the masters. ¡Hasta el lunes!