Charcoal morning

At the end of this moribund 2012 I have seen enough drawings of languid boys with deer horns in their heads. I have seen enough bearded, tattooed ukelele players wearing horn-rimmed glasses. Don't you think it's time to move on and try something else?


Facing the future

It’s only an animated gif but it is my gif. I don’t usually do colouring on the computer, I prefer the texture and imperfection of traditional media… but I should admit that, even if it isn't a piece of cake, colouring in Photoshop is easier and faster.


Deadlines, deadlines

I love the smell of deadlines in the night. Well, not quite. I am a little bit busy these days, so don’t expect a lot of posts… but you don’t expect them anyway uh? Let’s move along now, someone asked for pics of my studio: that’s an easy one, here they go. By the way, my copy of Codex #2 has finally arrived and yes, it’s amazing.


Poofreaders worth it

Your client bought a 500€ phone for his thirteen-year-old little princess but hiring a proofreader is throwing money away. Who cares about a couple of typos? It’s only an annual report.


Lit the bonfire

Good music is necessary to work. And hard work is necessary to finish the backlog of projects. And remember, tonight is Samhain: respect the dead and lit the bonfire.


Indian Summer of 1989

I drew this little indian girl in 1989. The only thing I can remember is that I used a cheap charcoal pencil, a tortillon and my fingers. Though my parents always supported me when I was young, I know they were a little bit worried about the fact that their son became a painter. At least, I made them proud winning a yearly subscription to our local newspaper…

One day in 1990 I decided to quit drawing: I got tired of pens and pencils and all that stuff because I became fully aware that girls didn't like painters. I was wrong: years later I realized that girls really like bohemian artists. But friends, that’s another story.


Out of the letterbox

Is there anything better than the smell of a freshly printed book in a rainy afternoon? I am sure that  [sniggering] installing an ebook has its charm too.


Jonah said…

My holidays started yesterday and these are the things I’ve done so far:

1. I put my brain in a box.
2. I’ve sold my computer away and bought two notebooks and a pencil as a part of my design rehab.
3. I ate hundreds of raspberries, redcurrants and reine claudes.
4. I realized that I should work more on this blog.

And now, it's time to leave: see you in a whale, Jonah said. A (not so) obvious pun, because you know how much I love puns.


Vuf vuf vuf

Sometimes I wish I was a dog, not just any dog but a Bâtard dog. I wish I was a dog, but I am not… I am just a man, so don’t be afraid my friend, I shan’t sniff your butt off.


My life in runes

One windfall birch branch, three ættir, twenty-four runes. I did some runesets in the past for certain friends, however, I carved more runesets than friends I have (I am bad at numbers). So I am thinking of giving away some of them… I will let you know soon.


Porto, Part III

The unwise man is awake all night, and ponders everything over; when morning comes he is weary in mind, and all is a burden as ever, said Odin… so sleep like a baby tonight and be ready to get pissed off tomorrow morning.


Porto, Part I

Porto is such a nice place I wouldn't mind to work there for a while… I hope things go better there in the future.


Making tracks

I don’t mean to abandon this blog: it’s just I took the wrong road.



Digging up folders

…So let him stand, through ages yet unborn, fix’d statue on the pedestal of Scorn…


Never say never

I promised myself not to upload more photos, but I came across with this one. Times change, Winter and people don’t.


Handmade everywhere

It seems everybody nowadays loves handwritten texts, which is good. A piece of advice: don’t give up hope, sooner or later your time will come but, in the meantime, they'll beat the shite out of you.


Forewarned is forearmed

What to do if the guy next you falls through the ice? Advance warning provides an advantage, and now you know you are walking on thin ice. Terrified? Don’t be such a naff, you are not dead yet. Keep calm, retrace your path back to shore and warm up. Life goes on.