Charcoal morning

At the end of this moribund 2012 I have seen enough drawings of languid boys with deer horns in their heads. I have seen enough bearded, tattooed ukelele players wearing horn-rimmed glasses. Don't you think it's time to move on and try something else?


Facing the future

It’s only an animated gif but it is my gif. I don’t usually do colouring on the computer, I prefer the texture and imperfection of traditional media… but I should admit that, even if it isn't a piece of cake, colouring in Photoshop is easier and faster.


Deadlines, deadlines

I love the smell of deadlines in the night. Well, not quite. I am a little bit busy these days, so don’t expect a lot of posts… but you don’t expect them anyway uh? Let’s move along now, someone asked for pics of my studio: that’s an easy one, here they go. By the way, my copy of Codex #2 has finally arrived and yes, it’s amazing.