Never do as you're told


©2013 Gerhard
Never Do As You’re Told
Mixed Media on paper, 42cm x 34cm

If you want to draw a cross, you’ll have to cross the line. But we are taught from a very young age that lines are not to be crossed. Never. The ones who do not dare will forever live within the imposed limits. The others, in some way, will be able to change their world and hopefully, each others’.

Illustration for Veintitr├ęs Magazine #2, Crosses issue (March 2013). Buy the piece of paper here.

My gratitude goes to Gemma Cano, who kindly photographed the artwork in the studio and made the colour correction process a child’s play. Thank you. And last but no least, a little funny story as bonus: they misspelled my name in a really weird way… well, it may not be a mistake but a happy accident (Bob Ross anyone?).

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