Sleep mode

All of my pages in the sidebar have suddenly disappeared. Maybe it’s about time to redesign this site and move on from blogger. Maybe it's time to start from scratch. Maybe it’s time to put this to rest. Maybe to do something new and exciting. What is certain is that now it’s time to abandon the comfort zone.
If the truth be told, I am getting a little tired of living here, so I don’t entirely dismiss the possibility of relocating elsewhere. I know that Portugal is not exactly the first country that pops into mind when searching for better job opportunities… but Hell! things are not much better here in Northwest Spain.
Assim, há algum tripeiro que gostasse de contar como é que estão as coisas por lá? Acho que sou estupidamente louco, mais só se vive uma vez.


  1. Es tiempo de lo que tú deciedas que es, atrévete, te lo he dicho siempre, atrévete, demuéstrale al mundo quien está tras esos maravillosos "garabatos".

  2. quien dijo? i can't go on, I will go on...either way keep us posted. dig both blogs, just wishing there were updates to stare at more often.