Getting trendy


It’s been quite a while, ain’t it? This post is just to let you know that I finally jumped on the Instagram wagon. You read that right: I am using Instagram on my phone [applause]. Excluding charmless foodies and tootsies on the beach and cute cats doing cute things, quite honestly, I must say that I like it a lot.

And why Dawdletopf?
Simply because dudeltopf was already taken. I got so peed off that I couldn’t remember the word dawdle in a while, which fitted perfectly with all the concept behind The Dudeltopf Diaries: wasting time, be slow, move slowly and idly, aimlessly. Procrastinate. Enough said, you get the picture.

I’ve changed my name to voddenman (rag-and-bone man in dutch).

Feel free to follow me @voddenman!